Preparation for Patch 4.3

Posted: November 24, 2011 in MMO's, World of Warcraft

With Patch 4.3 right around the corner, I’m doing the usual patch prep, gathering all the stuff I’ll need for a new tier of gear.


  • Inferno Rubies (and Carnelians/Heartblossom), a few Ember Topaz, and a few Diamonds
  • Stock my JC with tokens (5 per pattern)
  • Enchanting materials
  • Blackened Dragonscales for leg patches
  • Buying a few head enchant patches
  • Crafting armor patches for my Feral Bear


  • Going over the changes on my favourite tanking site:
  • Reading new boss strats (woot dragon surfing)
  • Looking at the new loot lists for which upgrades are from where.

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