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Preparation for Patch 4.3

Posted: November 24, 2011 in MMO's, World of Warcraft

With Patch 4.3 right around the corner, I’m doing the usual patch prep, gathering all the stuff I’ll need for a new tier of gear.


  • Inferno Rubies (and Carnelians/Heartblossom), a few Ember Topaz, and a few Diamonds
  • Stock my JC with tokens (5 per pattern)
  • Enchanting materials
  • Blackened Dragonscales for leg patches
  • Buying a few head enchant patches
  • Crafting armor patches for my Feral Bear


  • Going over the changes on my favourite tanking site:
  • Reading new boss strats (woot dragon surfing)
  • Looking at the new loot lists for which upgrades are from where.

Loot Dramas

Posted: November 22, 2011 in MMO's, World of Warcraft

So last night we had a long term raider quit my WoW guild.  The reason, loot drama.  The specifics of it we’re still not exactly sure about.  We’ve just decided to drop EPGP as a system as we’ve switched from 25 to 10 man, and go to essentially loot council.  The raider in particular had some issues with off-spec gear. Here’s the important points:

  • Raiders should not be allowed to just pick up any old loot, but should be able to use it.
  • There should be priority for people who will use it in raids.
  • People shouldn’t be able to just keep swapping off-specs.

We already have a system of “secondary role” in guild.  This previously gave off spec gear priority to raiders who had declared a second role and committed to keeping that gear maintained, and were able to perform that role in raids at at least an average level.

So the conversation continued:

  • People shouldn’t be excluded from getting gear (this is where I started to get confused)
  • She didn’t previously sign up for a secondary role because her off-spec was tank, but she wasn’t any good at it.
  • Gear shouldn’t go to people just because they were on the secondary role list.

I suggested that she sign up to have a secondary role of tank, and learn how to do it.

  • She started to practice tanking, but gave up because no-one needed a tank, so she couldn’t learn how.

So by her ‘logic’, since no-one needed a tank, she couldn’t learn how to tank, so she couldn’t put her name down as a secondary role for tanking, so she couldn’t get off-spec gear, so other people were getting priority on gear, and this wasn’t fair to all of our raiders.

On a side note: How many people can say that LFD doesn’t need tanks?  Sure people might not always get stellar tanks, because those tanks need nothing from LFD any more so can’t be bothered dealing with the DPS who have no respect for pulling, or no interest in learning anything more than ‘steamroll pull and bitch when I die’.

I switch back to the general case in who’s being disadvantaged, because throughout this she phrased everything as a general case.  “Someone who is”, “Most people”, “Everyone” etc..  It essentially boiled down to the fact that she wanted off-spec gear but wasn’t willing to use it in raids, so felt hard done by that she couldn’t get free loot (she could, just not as a priority), even after we’d removed the cost of everything.

I don’t get it, since the point of dropping EPGP for distribution was to reduce the QQ that she’d had previously about how the system of charging only 20% for gear beyond the first piece in a slot was disadvantaging those people who had ‘hoarded’ their GP until we were killing Ragnaros.  Our loot system has been the same since we started Cataclysm, and she’d been with the guild all through that period, but had never posted on the forums to discuss the system.  She’d repeatedly talked many people’s ears off about the flaws in it on Vent though.  And usually her suggestions were pointed out to have even more flaws for most raiders except for people in her situation.

I honestly don’t understand why people would quit a guild that they’ve said they enjoy being in, because they can’t get priority on free gear for an off-spec they admit they don’t know how to play, nor want to spend the time to learn, over other raiders.  She’d still get the gear if it wasn’t picked up by someone who’ll use it in raid.  Does loot that will never be used really matter to someone that much?